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Our Reporting

Altec Inc. has worked hard to create a Final Report that is easy to understand. It is important for you the customer to understand the results of your inspection in order to better determine what is the most appropriate service required for the chiller. 

Legal Notice & Method of Inspection - Altec Inc. responsibility, liabilities and information on the equipment used for the inspection.

Chiller Information - This page gives all the pertinent information needed in identifying the unit.

Tube Count Per Row - Shows the amount of tubes located in each row of the unit.

Analysis Results - An overall account of the indications found in both the condenser and evaporator, and any recommendations for the unit. Included in the Analysis Results is a color coded chart showing all the defected tubes as well as tubes that are not affected. This helps get an overall picture of a percentage of tubes affected within the tube bundle.

Defective Tube List - An easy to read list of all the tubes that have indications of greater than 50% wall loss, as well as any tubes with indications that would be a benefit for your knowledge.

Tube Sheet Diagram - A color coded tube sheet that resembles the unit tube sheet. All tubes listed in the Defective Tube List are categorized and color coded for easy recognition. The control panel direction is indicated to identify which end of the tube sheet was tested.

Digital Picture - A digital picture of the unit is taken for proper identification.

Printouts - The MAD 8D system allows us to save any tube that has an indication and print it out for a reference copy. These printouts can be used to compare tube integrity from inspection to inspection. Sample printouts of different types of defects found in the unit during the inspection will be included in the report.

Defect Definition Section - We include a basic write up on the defects that can be found in an inspection. This gives a basic understanding of what types of defects there are and how they may have developed.

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